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Having trained with chefs in Italy, creating and preparing Italian food I learned that simple ingredients make the best cuisines. It reminded me of my upbringing in New Orleans. Creole/Cajun cuisines are made with simple ingredients with a kick. That is why I have a deep passion for my beloved city. I am embarking on a new adventure in life, transitioning from a career in Dietary Management to owning my own business so I can share that same love for this cuisine to all.

Chef Shonda Washington CDM, CFPP


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Savor the Soul of P3 Cuisines in Baltimore City

Savor the Soul of P3 Cuisines in Baltimore City

at P3 Cuisine – the soul restaurant of Baltimore is exquisite dining experience goes beyond a mere meal, which comes alive with the unique bright flavors. We take pride in being one of the best soul food Baltimore has to offer, and we invite you to savor the soulful essence of Maryland’s soul food restaurants at P3 Cuisine.
A Symphony of Taste and Aroma

A Symphony of Taste and Aroma

Every meal at P3 Cuisine is a fusion of spices and exceptional flavors that reflect the hearty passion of our chefs. Indulge in the best Cajun and Creole foods in Baltimore City; our sweet dishes are a delicious twist on the French Quarter, while the spices of gumbo and jambalaya reflect the vibrant energy of New Orleans.
Fusion Cuisine – A Tale of Two Worlds

Fusion Cuisine - A Tale of Two Worlds

A combination of South Asian soul food in Baltimore full of rich flavors and a unique menu makes us stand out in Maryland, including Montgomery food restaurants and Frederick cuisine food restaurants. From delicious seafood to Po-boy, each chapter in the culinary history unites love and desire to serve you retreats on earth.

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